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The Farm Emergency PrePlan and Resource System

The FarmSource SystemThe FarmSource System(Patent Pending) was developed in 2011 with farmers and Rescue Personnel in mind. There was a need for a type of Emergency Pre-Planning System that farmers could have on their farms, in case of an emergency that works together with area Rescue Services.

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Since Cherry Brother Designs has been designing Incident Command/Team Accountability Systems for Fire Services since 2005 and have farmers and emergency personnel in our family, we saw the need for this and started development on "The FarmSource System" to address a farm emergency situation!

Farm Safety Game
We are developing a Farm Safe Kids Game that teaches how to play it smart on the farm!
A new way of learning and having fun! The Farm Safe Kids boardgame is a learning tool for the entire family and is designed to teach basic principals of farm safety to children ages 4-Adult. More Info

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Farm Bureau Context Finalist Cherry Brothers Design was selected as a top 10 finalist out of 165 applicants in the American Farm Bureau contest, Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge. The results of the challenge starts at 12:35 into the video. View the video

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Farmers Partnering Together With Local Emergency Responders
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The FarmSource System
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