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The FarmSource System™

Working Together with Local Emergency Services to better handle a farm emergency


The FarmSource System Emergency Plan Designer App is basically the same as the The FarmSource System except you use a website to build and lay out information online instead of using stickers. We have made this extremely easy to do. Just click on an item then drag it where needed on an aerial view of your farm. Type in information using your key board, etc. Once it is completed, you will save it as a .pdf file that you take to your local printing shop to print both sheets on 18x24 sheets then have them laminated. Contact your local fire service to let them know you have this available in the container on your lot.
That's all there is to it.

Click here to watch a demo of the Web-App.

Click here to take the Web-App for a test drive.

Order yours today on the Online Store page and get started. After you place your order, allow a few days for us to apply the map of your farm to the web app. We will send you an id number for your farm once payment is applied.

The FarmSource System Web App Farm Designer Package     $215.00
(Package comes with the online application you use for up to 90 days to build your Farm Emergency Safety System, Metal Box to put the finished product once you take pdf file to printers to print out copies and laminate, and reflective bldg stickers for up to 26 structures to put on the building on your farm).

Web App Farm Designer ONLY     $95.00

CLPP Members Only    10% discount

We have this available to Fire Services as a viewer ONLY of any farm that is designed on this app from the farmers in the area, for a yearly fee for the service. Call for details.

Toll Free: 1-888-842-9850   Address: 3987 E. Michigan Rd. Shelbyville, IN 46176 USA     Email:

Farmers Partnering Together With Local Emergency Responders
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The FarmSource System
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