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The FarmSource System

The FarmSource System™

Working Together with Local Emergency Services to better handle a farm emergency

The FarmSource System(Patent Pending) is a complete pre-planning information system that was developed by Cherry Brother Designs with safety first in mind for farmers and emergency personnel, to assist farmers in laying out a farm safety preplan in case of an emergency need that may arise on the farm and this system helps emergency personnel respond quickly and effectively towards the right direction and to inform them of valuable information. See System Features for more information.

The FarmSource System

What does the system feature?
The Complete FarmSource System FarmSource is a complete system that features an 18x24 laminated information sheet that has emergency contact information, a drawing area that uses the enclosed stickers of buildings and structures, grain bin locations, fire hazards that are in those buildings, shut off valves, electrical panel locations, reflective numbers for buildings, water sources, chemicals stored, additional notes, etc. Use with permanent marker so valuable information won't get rubbed off.

In the Chemical Involved area on the sheet, you write in hazard classes, bldg numbers, average quantity and chemical number (from the NFPA Diamond area).Farm System Stickers
The information once filled out must be placed in the enclosed container that has a reflective sticker that is included, attach to a post or pole near the front of the farm then send the enclosed letter to your area fire service so they know where the container is located and so they have the valuable information on file. Everything you need to get started is enclosed in one neatly designed package!

How much does it cost?
We have developed this complete system with cost effectiveness in mind, with the best materials we could offer.
We have a limited special on systems.
Go to the online store, all pricing information is there for your viewing and ordering.

A system for larger farms with up to 26 buildings/bins is also available. Large Farm SystemLarge Farm System

The FarmSource System Emergency Plan Designer App is basically the same as the The FarmSource System except you use a website to build and lay out information online instead of using stickers. We have made this extremely easy to do. Just click on an item then drag it where needed on a map of your farm. Type in information using your key board, etc. Once it is completed, you will save it as a .pdf file that you take to your local printing shop to print both sheets on 18x24 sheets then have them laminated. Contact your local fire service to let them know you have this available in the container on your lot.
That's all there is to it. Learn more on the Web-App page.

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Farmers Partnering Together With Local Emergency Responders
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The FarmSource System
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